​Process Control Tools ​PCT Monitor and PCT Module

PCT Monitor and PCT Module were designed as one unit for process monitoring on machine tools.

  • The operating program PCT Monitor is copied on the PC of the machine controller and displays the process data, which are recorded and monitored by the PCT Module. 
  • The PCT Module device is installed in the control cabinet of the machine and performs the process monitoring. The device is connected to the measuring equipment and the machine control system via Profibus or Profinet. 

The PCT Monitor is the operating program for the PCT Module, to adjust edit parameter and system parameter, to display on SD card stored process data and to analyze them, or to make and restore backups. The program can run on the PC of the machine controller and on any PC with Windows operating system (WinXP or higher). 

The MiniView is a helping function which reduces the PCT Monitor to a small window, fixed on a determinate position, and overlays it on the  machine operating program.

The PCT Monitor can be adjusted in 17 program languages: DEU, ENG, ITA, FRA, DAN, SWE, HUN, ZHO (Chinese), SLK, POL, RUS, SPA, RON, POR, BUL, LAV und TUR.

The PCT Module analyzes the measuring signals with the help of the monitoring strategies. These signals can come from maximum 8 external sensors or directly from the machine via Profinet or Profibus. Measurement signals are: 

  • digital e. g. data from the drives: torque, effective power or motor current 
  • or analog e. g. acoustic emission, which is recorded by an acoustic emission sensor.

With the start of a process, the device records the data, monitors the progress, reports events to the machine and saves the process data.

Each monitored cycle is saved on the integrated microSD card and can be displayed at any time. The PCT file are saved in a unique path (YEAR/MONTH/DAY) with time data in the file name. This guarantees clear and reliable logging and makes archival storage easier. The memory space is sufficient for process data over several years.

​There are up to 250 jobs available for the monitoring, this parameters were kept in the device and can be edited by the PCT Monitor. With a backup the parameter of all jobs can be saved and restored e. g. on a USB stick. This allows restoring or series startups at any time. The monitoring in the PCT Module operates independent of the operating program, thus, without connected PCT Monitor.

​PCT Module 5.1 PROFIBUS

The modular concept of cards makes it possible to acquire the PCT Module with a Profibus card or a Profinet card. The general issues of the monitoring strategies and the PCT Module remained the same, because they are running on the CPU card e. g. selection of 250 jobs, the parameter editing, the backup saving and process data storing on microSD card. Only the transmitting medium between machine and PCT Module changes to Profibus.

The PCT Module 5.1 PROFIBUS will replace the PCT Module 4.3, available since 2008. All connectors and terminal numeration and their functions have remained the same (Direct Replacement).

​PCT Module 4.3

​PCT Module 3.3

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