​Monitoring strategies The right strategy for each application

​What is meant by monitoring is evaluating measurement signals in the PCT Module by means of monitoring strategies. In the event of a detection (e. g. first cut), the device sends a message in the form of digital switching signals to the machine.

The goal of such monitoring is:

  • Simplification: Self-learning strategies eliminate time-consuming parameter settings by the machine operator. 
  • Time savings: Unproductive segments of the process can be significantly reduced (e. g. air grinding).
  • Quality assurance: The form precision of the tool and the constant quality of the processed workpieces can be assured. 
  • Reduced tool costs: The dressing e. g. on expensive CBN grinding wheels will be reduced to a real minimum and avoids therefore unnecessary dressing cycles. 
  • Operational safety: Abnormal and out-of-round workpieces or preprocessing errors are detected early, so that no damage is caused to the tool or machine and production downtimes will be avoided. 
  • Analysis of data: Logging of process data to watch the manufacturing process (trend - statistics). 

​ASS - Self-adjusting first cut sensor:

​After the reliable detection of the first contact (green icon), the machine switches e. g. from a high feeding of the air grinding to the rough feeding.

​​TCH - Touch Dressing: 

The dressing process on expensive CBN grinding wheels will be completed just in time, by detecting the contour of the grinding wheel as fully dressed for the first time. 

​​SIS - Segmented integral sensor: 

This strategy is ready for operation after learning the first dressing process consisting of several dressing strokes. Areas with errors are detected and displayed with red bars. The dressing is finished only when there are no red bars anymore.

​INT - Integral sensor:

Every workpiece will be monitored by the minimum and maximum stock removal on the basis of the learned good part.

​SWT - Threshold value time sensor:

The reaching of the minimum processing time will be signalized by a green icon. The blue measuring signal has to persist above the preset pink threshold for the duration of an adjustable time.

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