User-friendly and self-learnable ​Solutions for process monitoring

We develop and fabricate devices for automated process monitoring on machine tools and program self-learning monitoring strategies.

PCT Monitor

​ Display and analyze.

This operating program displays the monitoring process and provides process analysis and parameter editing.

PCT Module

Simple and modular.

The smart system mounted on DIN rail can be applied on different machine tools and is modular extendible.

Monitoring ​strategies

Self-learnable and versatile.

The right strategy for each process of machining e. g. first cut detection and touch dressing on grinding etc.

Our systems are in-house developed and fabricated in Germany. They are based on our many years of experience in the field of process monitoring and our well-founded knowledge of machine building.

We have made a conscious effort to simplify the interface to the machine and to get an user-friendly operation software.

Of course, our service includes detailed introductory instruction as well as on-site assistance at the first startup.

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